How to start programming

If you want to start programming, you are in the right place. I will say you where to start, where to ask for help… So, as first if you never touched the code, I recommend to learn BASIC. Basic is cool programming language, but learn it only 1 month. I say only 1 month to learn what are variables, to learn if, else statements etc. After about 1 month is passed start learning Python or JavaScript. JavaScript and Java are different. JavaScript is much simpler and it is running in web browser. Java is programming language for programs, games etc. Python is used by many companies like google, so I recommend to start with Python. When you learn one of that I recommend to choose Ruby on rails. It is great language and it is also running in your web browser. Ruby is just like English and it is very easy to learn. After you know 2 languages I recommend to start your own project. It do not needs to be somethin very big. When you start your own project try to learn one more language. For learning programming languages I will recommend If you are new to programming just ask other people on forums like Stack Overflow. So, that was a little bit of help to start programming, but be you own and research on the internet for more.

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