How to make your computer faster

If you have an old computer, maybe it is slow,

This tutorial will help you make your computer faster.

So first, this is only for Windows computers. Later, I will do

the same thing for Linux and maybe for mac.



Hold ctrl and click r.

Then run windows will popup.

Type “msconfig” and click enter.

Go to startup and block all things you do not want to load

when you start windows. And click apply. Than exit.

It will ask you to restart the computer. Click restart now.



Go to “start” button(I am using windows 7, but I do not know is it really called start. I am calling it start

like in Windows XP).

Right-click on computer and click properties.

On the left side, you will see Advanced system settings. Click it.

Go to Advanced tab, and you will see the performance.

Click settings under the performance.

You will see some options. Click “Adjust for best performance”.

This will make your computer make “look older”,

but you will see better performance. If you do not want that,

just click “Adjust for best appearance”.

Then click apply.



Again hold ctrl and click r.

type “%temp%“, than enter.

Delete all files.

If some files cannot be deleted, skip that files.

If you think it can do something bad to your computer, just google for %temp%.


These ways can help you boost computer a little bit, but maybe it will be much faster.


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