How to make bitcoin faucet

I know I said faucets are stupid, but it is profitable to make your own.

Follow this steps and you will have faucets with very good revenue.

1. You need hosting(I recommend 000webhost for this).

2. Download Faucet in a box script

3. Go to file manager and extract all files. In public_html you will need to see about 10 files(or more I do not know).

4. Make new database on 000webhost(or any hosting).

5. Go to config.php and change database things.

6. Go to and go to faucet manager. Make new faucet.

7. Grab faucet API key and paste it into

8. Change all things like you want. It is your faucet.

9. Get ads on providers like a-ads, popads, bee-ads.

10. Paste HTML ad codes in templates tab on faucetinabox script.

11. Share your faucet on social media.

If you need help, you can contact me on the contact page.


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