Hashflare vs Genesis mining

  • If you are choosing cloud mining, you’re probably wondering: Hm, what to choose? Will I make the profit?
    So, I will help you which cloud mining to choose.
    Let’s see how much bitcoin cloud mining actually costs.1. The price of 1 Th/s bitcoin cloud mining at:

    Hashflare: $80 right now for 1 year contract.
    Genesis mining: $180 right now for open-end mining contract (mining lasts as long as it is profitable).

    2. Let’s see if it is profitable:

    For calculating profitability I use the site called “whattomine.com”
    1 Th/s per year will yield:
    $228.72, without pool fee.

    So it is profitable, but it is at your own risk due to the mining difficulty changes, bitcoin price etc.

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