Reason I was not writing

You may see I was not writing a lot these few days… I am really sorry for that. Reason for that is I was boosting my blog, adding protection and others. If you want to know what was I doing here is the list: – Added 2FA to my account – Boosted blog a lot … [Read more…]

Camera instax

Instax is camera what directly prints your photos after you take the picture. After you print photo, you need to wait some minutes to picture show on paper. For pictures, you need to buy something what looks like cartridge. With that one “cartridge” you can take 10 pictures. One of that “cartridge” cost around $20, … [Read more…]


Liquidsky is platfrom where you can have remote computer what have super performances and use it for gaming. I do not recommend to mine cryptocurrencies on it becouse it is not profitable. Remote computer has Windows Server 2016 on it. Liquidsky has 10gbps internet connection, so your game will not lag, but if you have … [Read more…]