Bitcoin faucets – Good or bad

You all heard you can earn bitcoins/altcoins free with that “faucets”.
Are they really good or not?
So, let’s take a look at most popular faucet:
It is one of the oldest faucets, so it needs to be good.
The rewards are:

22 satoshis
219 satoshis
2188 satoshis
21885 satoshis
218848 satoshis
2188483 satoshis

You probably always get 22 satoshis. One time I get 219, but that is only 1 time.
There are a lot of faucets, but this gives the most.
You can claim only 1 time per hour.
So, as we can see, faucets are really bad.
You can learn how to edit videos or something like that,
and start freelancer job on sites like Fiverr or UpWork, and in one hour earn minimum $5.
So, faucets are very stupid things.