Best bitcoin advertising networks

I know, when you open site, like a blog or maybe bitcoin/altcoin faucet you want to earn money from the site.
Google AdSense stopped working with cryptocurrency sites, so we need to find something else.
So, This is the list of top 10 best bitcoin advertising networks, not from best to the worst.
I only listed that networks. All of these are LEGIT 100%.

1. Mellowads
2. Coinad
3. A-ADS(Anonymous Ads)
4. Cointraffic
5. Coinzilla
6. AdBit
7. BitMedia
8. Bee-Ads
9. Adverti
10. CoinHits

I recommmend to use coinad and/or mellowads becouse they are paying the most, but you need website with very big alexa ranking. If you just started with bitcoin or altcoin faucet I recommend you to use a-ads. But with only that you will not be in profit, so you can and coinhive miner, short links and popup/popunder ad codes.
Enjoy and Bye!